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October 1, 2008

QuickBooks not just in September – ALL YEAR ROUND!

It’s October 1st, summer has ended and with it the long hard slog through August which was consumed by the completion of my revised edition of Managing your Remodeling Company using QuickBooks Pro. This manual of some 260 pages spans the entire process of program set-up, data entry, report production and analysis. It became the […]

Quick Books Pro for Remodeling
August 14, 2008

QBP – build a perfect Account list for the Profit/Loss

Developing a perfect chart of accounts combines art and science. Science because it is expected to follow GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and Art because there must be a good balance between sufficient detail and elegant simple presentation. So I suggest using the sub-set ability in QBP to produce both. So, for example, in the […]

Job cost accounting
June 17, 2008

Get the Numbers Right! Get the Right Numbers!

JUDITH MILLER’S 2 DAY SEATTLE SEMINAR SEPT 18 & 19:   EVERYTHING you need to know to run your construction company using QuickBooks Pro for Contractors!   Day 1:  getting the information right – §  We’ll go through the complete setup of QuickBooks Pro Contractor Edition 2008 so you’ll be able to effectively and efficiently enter […]

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