March 13, 2009

GPM variability – is this you?

Click on the link below to see a chart illustrating how gross profit margin can change even after WIP calculations.  Is this you? monthly-gpm-variability-real-life1 Even the best remodelers can end up in a quandary about the truth of their financial statements when gross profit margin slithers all over the map.  Here’s a real life example […]

Job cost accounting
October 1, 2008

QuickBooks not just in September – ALL YEAR ROUND!

It’s October 1st, summer has ended and with it the long hard slog through August which was consumed by the completion of my revised edition of Managing your Remodeling Company using QuickBooks Pro. This manual of some 260 pages spans the entire process of program set-up, data entry, report production and analysis. It became the […]

Quick Books Pro for Remodeling
August 19, 2008

Company triage? Use the 80/20 rule!

Over the years of working with remodeling contractors, some simple patterns have become apparent. One remodeler’s strong interest in people leads to success in sales. Another’s love for design produces award-winning projects. Still another with a fondness for systems can produce a company which produces predictable and repeatable customer experiences, time after time. Each company […]

Job cost accounting, Metrics
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