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May 8, 2009

Heating with candles!

At first I was mildly interested and spent a couple weeks researching home performance contracting for a Benchmark column in Remodeling Magazine. Then I became fascinated and read 3 dense issues of Home Energy magazine and googled ‘super insulated houses’. Now I’m hooked!  I had lunch with a 4 advocates of HPC (home performance contracting) […]

Home performance contracting
July 15, 2008

How Green is Green?

Our favorite buzz word – green – can be seen to be just one more example of form over function. I’ve changed out the for fluorescent, bought a hybrid car, composted vegetable peelings and recycled the household waste: and made just a tiny dent in an enormous landscape. Can I call myself green? Perhaps greener […]

Architecture building and remodeling
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