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July 22, 2008

Small Homes are BIG!

Read the Wall Street Journal article in the Weekend Journal section on July 18, 2008 to be reminded of that old adage “everything old is new again”!

Small houses are new again. The article mentions an architect and developer who developed small (800 to 1,500 sq ft) cottages around shared grass commons an hour outside of Seattle.

Put your own imagination to use to envision how you might take advantage of the current economic climate by developing in-fill lots with smaller homes. This requires, of course, that over the past 10 years you’ve put some savings aside for the proverbial rainy day. This also assumes that you can get the financing necessary for such an endeavor — but many of the articles I read from various sources point to the need to downsize our buildings and move closer to urban centers.

The time might be right, right now!

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