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October 1, 2008

QuickBooks not just in September – ALL YEAR ROUND!

It’s October 1st, summer has ended and with it the long hard slog through August which was consumed by the completion of my revised edition of Managing your Remodeling Company using QuickBooks Pro.

This manual of some 260 pages spans the entire process of program set-up, data entry, report production and analysis.

It became the basis of my two day seminar at the Seattle Public Library on September 18th and 19th. It was a good seminar — lots of information and interaction around that information, lots of learning and good food as well.

Here’s a summary of the Table of Contents:

Chapter I: Introduction and methodology

Chapter 2: Discussion of basic accounting principles

Chapter 3: Set-up including starting a new company, establishing the right preferences, screen navigation and the basic building blocks of lists/forms/registers and reports;

Chapter 4: The 3 big lists: chart of accounts, items and payroll items, adding detail in the form of customers and jobs, and vendors and entering beginning balances;

Chapter 5: Work flow on a time line basis as well as job progress basis;

Chapter 6: Controlling the project through job and financial reporting, Over/Under billings calculation and the resulting journal entries;

Addendums: Washington state considerations including L&I and Sales tax

If you’re interested in a copy, together with the CD which includes a sample company as well as chart of accounts and item lists which can be imported, please let me know.


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