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May 1, 2008


Remodelers around the country embrace QuickBooks Pro as the software program of choice to run their businesses.

However this powerful program can also make a mess of your finances and job cost reporting.

Until you know how to control QuickBooks Pro, you’ll end up with different sets of numbers in different reports, make financial and estimating decisions which can derail the company at any time.  Worse, you’ll never know the truth behind the numbers.

QBPI’m hosting and teaching a great 2 day seminar in September in Seattle; you’ll learn everything you need to know to setup your QuickBooks, to run it consistently day in and day out, and to produce the essential reports you need to make informed decisions for your company, for your estimating and for your life as a professional remodeler.

You’ll receive a solid 16 hours of education, a great breakfast with Seattle’s best coffee, stimulating lunch-time companions and a copy of the second edition of “Managing your Remodeling Company using QuickBooks Pro” – the very best manual of its kind anywhere.

Additionally you’ll receive a CD complete with the basic setup recommended here so you can download it into your own computer and get started right, the first time.

You’ll learn (among other things):

  • The correct and simple set up of  the very vital “lists”, including
    • A Chart of Accounts which provides detail and summary information so you can see where you are at any moment
    • All important Items list which compares estimated job costs to actual and allows you to drill down to any variance immediately
    • Payroll Items which provide complete and fully burdened labor job cost reports
  • How to bring an estimate summary into QuickBooks to allow complete comparisons of all levels of job costs – from mobilization right down through punch list
  • How to enter all the data into QuickBooks efficiently, accurately and timely so you know the reports are right (we’ll solve that old problem “garbage in, garbage out” and make sure you’re getting “good stuff in, right stuff out”)
  • When and how to proof the accounting and job costs for reliability so you can make informed estimating and good management decisions.
  • How to memorize the vital reports for ease of analysis – this isn’t just any memorized reports list – this is YOURS, customized and laid out so you’ll trust what the information.

Just as important as getting the information right, you’ll learn how to use QuickBooks Pro to solve some of the more complex issues of running a remodeling company. You’ll understand more about your company and how to run it well!

Understand how to:

  • Control subcontractor prices using custom designed Purchase Orders in QuickBooks Pro;
  • Manage change orders, both to the job costs and to the client price;
  • Properly calculate your insurance costs over the entire year, not just the 9 months you make payments;
  • Calculate the true over or under billings at the end of every month so you’ll know the gross profit margin is as right as it can be;
  • Build and enter a perfect company budget against which you can compare true overhead expenses.

COST: $1,295 for two days (Remodelers Advantage members receive a 10% discount)

SPACE IS LIMITED – the beautiful room in the Seattle Public Library holds only 30 people so it’s first come first served. Be one of the first10 people to sign up and receive 2 hours of free consulting with me. Use that time however you’d like!

Questions? e-mail me at jfmiller@remodelservices.com.

See you soon!

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