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February 27, 2005

Productivity Revisited!


Quotes from the FMI 2 day seminar on Improving Construction Productivity: 

  • You won’t train your way to better productivity, you have to implement it.
  • Productivity is not really a field issue – it happens above the field level.
  • If you’re focusing on productivity alone, you’re not looking at the right place – look upstream to the process.
  • Until someone at the top of the organization becomes passionate about productivity, real change won’t happen.


  • Pre job planning
  • Weekly planning with 1-2 week look ahead including all needed resources
  • Daily planning and goal setting – the job start huddle to outline what will be done today
  • Budget setup and cost tracking
  • “…if it makes sense to the guys in the field, then you’ll get good measurements.”
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