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July 15, 2008

How Green is Green?

Our favorite buzz word – green – can be seen to be just one more example of form over function. I’ve changed out the for fluorescent, bought a hybrid car, composted vegetable peelings and recycled the household waste: and made just a tiny dent in an enormous landscape. Can I call myself green? Perhaps greener than I was, but not green enough, not fast enough.

The NY Times article in the Business section of July 13, 2008 highlights Blaine Brownell’s quest to solve “…one of the greatest challenges that architecture and building construction has ever faced.”

“As energy prices have skyrocketed and concerns have mounted about the effects of greenhouse gas emissions on the climate, there is a new urgency in developing alternatives to traditional building products. Buildings must not only operate more efficiently, they must be constructed from materials that are produced with less energy, waste and harmful chemicals, according to a growing chorus of industry professionals.”

Visit his website at http://www.transmaterial.net or read the article for a better understanding of what the future might hold.

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