Surviving the recession

May 7, 2009

Be your own CFO!

“Every business owner needs to be his or her own CFO!” So says Jay Goltz in the May 2009 issue of Fortune Small Business, page 17.  I couldn’t agree more! “Delegating that task to a bookkeeper or an outside accounting firm means putting your life into their hands.  They generally don’t know the ins and […]

Job cost accounting, Management Theory, Surviving the recession
March 16, 2009

What it takes to be a successful CEO!

As I survey the landscape of clients, colleagues and friends in the remodeling industry, I look for patterns of success as well as patterns of failure.  These patterns, I’ve discovered, are not black and white, but shades of gray.  That’s one of the beauties of growing older (of which there are many to my mind) […]

Management Theory, Surviving the recession
March 6, 2009

How to sell, now!

A new ‘must read’ is the article in the March 2009 Harvard Business Review entitled “In a Downturn Provoke your Customers”.  I put off reading it until I had ABSOLUTELY nothing else to read (which happened to be yesterday) and found it fascinating. The point is abbreviated in the following “Idea in Brief”: “Selling in […]

Management Theory, Surviving the recession
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