Strategy is worthless unless supported and proven by the numbers!


Judith Miller

30 years ago I started J. Miller and Company with the goal of providing bookkeeping services to remodelers in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. There is no more bookkeeping in my list of services but over the years I’ve learned the importance – VITAL importance – of having good books, of understanding what financial statements mean and what they should look like. Just as important are great job cost reports to provide feedback to the production and estimating teams.

My focus on job cost accounting including over/under billing calculations allow remodeling companies to market and sell, estimate and produce, budget and control overhead — all aimed at building a sustainable and successful company. Success means to me a healthy net profit, year after year, well paid and well trained employees engaged in their work and in the surrounding community, satisfied clients desiring and able to refer their friends and families and equally important a balanced life for the owners.

In 1987 I was the second national trainer for The Master Builder (now Sage) construction accounting and job costing software teaching not only job costing but computerized estimating as well.

In 1991 QuickBooks became highly regarded in the construction accounting arena so over the next few years I translated everything I learned from my work with The Master Builder to QuickBooks and in 1998 wrote the first edition of the popular “The Remodelers ULTIMATE Guide to QuickBooks.” The manual is updated every two years and has been widely used to establish an elegant job cost accounting system to countless remodelers around the country.

I’ve written for The Journal of Light Construction, wrote the Remodeling Magazine backpage Benchmark column for years and continue to be a contributing columnist for the magazine.

Since 2002 I’ve facilitated with Remodelers Advantage working with hundreds of owners of successful remodeling companies around the country and in Canada. To my mind there is no better way to gain traction in building the company you dream of than to become a member of Remodelers Advantage.

This website is intended to be a “library” containing all the lessons learned over 30 years so that you might open the door, walk in and learn what you next need to know more quickly, more easily, and thereby add value to your wider community and to your life!

You perform an essential service – in taking care of housing stock where you live you take care of those people currently living in the house as well as those yet unborn – just waiting to move into a healthy, safe and beautiful house. The house YOU remodeled!

J. Miller and Company
3518 Fremont Ave N #546 Seattle WA 98103
(510) 847-6053
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