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November 30, 2008

3 squared

In a previous post I discussed the Rule of Random Threes: whenever a new idea comes at me from 3 totally different sources, then that idea has secured its place in current thinking and therefore in mine. I’m as much a part of the common culture as most, even though I don’t want to think so.

In any event, use the 3 squared principle as follows:

3 years I want to be _______ (define it – simply);

3 months I must have done these things in order to get there (list the tactics);

3 weeks I must have completed these tasks to meet those objectives.

Every 3 months I review the list and write another 3 month objective which will take me where I want to be in 3 years.

Every week I review my 3 week goals, subtracting one or two and adding a couple more for the next 3 week’s climb.

Try it and tell me how you like it.

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